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Behind the scenes...

With the bluebell season nearly at an end I thought I would share some behind the scenes images with you and show you that we don't need to trample on these lovely flowers in order to capture a beautiful photograph.

behind the scenes photographer

At the beginning of all my sessions I like everyone to feel relaxed and so start with the family just having fun enjoying and taking in the pretty surroundings. I do ask though that we stick to the paths and do not stand on the bluebells at all. Children are much better at this than you might think! Once explained to them, they enjoy the challenge of finding the different paths and staying on the walkways. Make it a game and it all adds to the adventure and magic of the woods!

When it comes to taking the photograph I simply position myself on an adjacent pathway so the subject is then beautifully surrounded in flowers.

The purple carpet that can literally take your breath away at first sight is something to treasure and protect. From seed to flower they take 5 years to grow and many more to recover if crushed from footfall.

We can all do our bit and teach our children so that we may all continue to enjoy these special flowers and still capture stunning photographs. I'm already looking forward to next year!

See my 'Location' portfolio for some final images from these shoots.

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